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About us




Nestled in a green and peaceful setting, at about 200 metres from the public beach, is La Petite Villa. The building is definitely modern in architecture, with an original cachet, and this tranquil, wonderfully relaxed choice will offer an unimaginably beautiful setting for the holiday of your dreams.

Accommodation facilities at La Petite Villa are as follows :

  1. A bedroom with a king-size bed, with bathroom and jacuzzi
  2. A guest room with a queen-size bed
  3. A room for kids, with a single bed, a bunk bed and a pram


All the rooms are air-conditioned and at the ground level, there is a roomy lounge with comfortable armchairs for you to relax and unwind after a day spent touring the island or the whereabouts, while sipping a cocktail!

Among other amenities, you will find:

  • A fully equipped kitchen, with fridge, oven with hob, coffee maker, electric kettle, toaster.
  • Two bathrooms, one on each floor, with shower and toilet.

The kitchen’s sliding glass doors open on the swimming pool, with a wooden decking, and lawn on the other sides.

3G internet Wi-Fi connexion is available, as well as satellite television, with DVD player with USB port so that you may listen to your favourite hits.

Parking space is available in the yard for your car, should you decide to rent one during your stay on the island. Treat yourself to true tropical-inspired comfort at La Petite Villa!

Our location in Mauritius


Trou D'eau Douce

We're located in the famous coastal village of the east coast, of Mauritius. As history, has turned to gift the village, an inescapable point for boating, sea outings, to the islets in the eastern region of mauritius:

Situated on the east coast of Mauritius, “Trou d’Eau Douce” was called thus by seventeenth-century Dutch sailors who used to land there on their way to or back from the East Indies for water and food supplies. In fact, not far, at a spot near the beach called “Belle île” was found a source of potable fresh water which soon became one of the main water supply points, hence the name Trou d’Eau Douce. The Dutch settled the island only temporarily and built there, at the same time as in Flacq and the Vieux Grand Port bay, the first dwellings on the island, indeed the only ones. It was much later, during the French colonisation period, that “Trou d’Eau Douce” developed into a sugar-cane planting and processing area with the construction of a sugarcane mill at Victoria. However, in 1839, with the abolition of slavery, the sugarcane industry whittled away as the most important economic activity of the village for the freed slaves, most likely because of bad reminiscences of the sugarcane fields, went to settle along the coast and engage into fishing. Today, if fishing and agriculture are still significant economic activities in the village, tourism has become its economic backbone. Le Touessrok, the five-star hotel, a popular destination for the jet-set, is found there.


Trou D’eau Douce Village

Discovery tours

WP_20160301_15_43_20_ProTrou d’Eau Douce is strategically situated as the starting point for the discovery of the eastern coast of the island. The presence of Le Touessrok hotel nearby has greatly contributed to the development of the transport infrastructure in the area. In addition to the good quality of the roads, the village has an adequate bus service to and from other areas of the island and you will have no problem finding a taxi or hiring a scooter or a bike for your trips (the last two modes of transport being convenient for excursions to nearby places of interest only) .

A few suggestions of your discovery trips are:

  1. Discover the public beaches : Trou D’eau Douce, Palmar and Belle Mare, footing or by cycles
  2. An outing at Ile aux cerfs, or nautical activities
  3. Snokelling ( available at the villa), in the bays of Palmar
  4. Shopping in Flacq | visit the common market ( on wed mornings & Sundays ) where you’ll find an abundance of fruits and vegetables
  5. Trip by the local bus lines, an opportunity to meet local people, a route stopping in the centre or the south of the island.

For info: please contact us!

Its culture

Its culture


You will enjoy strolling in the village and meeting a few of its 5000 or so inhabitants.  You will appreciate their kind and warm welcome, quite typical of the sense of hospitality which has earned Mauritius its good reputation in that respect worldwide. You will get a better idea of the indolent life on a tropical island and marvel at the multicultural aspect of Mauritian society where live side by side people whose forebears came from so different horizons: Europe, Asia, Africa...But, in fact, isn’t it what makes Mauritius so unique?

 If you wish to know more about the cultural background of the village, pay a visit to the ancient sugar mill now transformed into a café and art space or the Fondation Manglier, a paint shop named after one of the last students of the famous French painter Henri Matisse. Don’t also forget to visit the local fishing port, the little limekiln and, still on foot, walk up to the farther end of the village to the public beach.




The beaches of Trou d’Eau Douce, Ile aux cerfs, Palmar, Belle Mare and Poste Lafayettewp_20150912_17_44_27_pro

It would very surprising if the top priority of your Mauritian holidays is not to enjoy as much as possible the warm sun and the outstanding beauty of the beaches of this wonderful island. Though the beaches of the eastern coast are less renowned than those of the northern and western coasts for swimming, yet you will delight in the charms of those beaches situated at reasonable distance from the Petite Villa. Arrange for a discovery trip to the beaches of Palmar, Belle Mare or Poste Lafayette, by car or by bus. While strolling along the waterline, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the vast ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see, the fine, warm sand grains trickling between your toes.

And, if you can’t resist the lapping of the waves on the shore, do not hesitate to head out for a swim in the warm and glittering sapphire water. The lagoon here is rich in corals and the crystalline sea and soft, sandy shore remain as nature made them, an unspoiled character which the northern and western coasts, overcrowded with tourists, have in great part lost. If you feel like it, you may go sea-diving, with mask and tuba, at Palmar. Otherwise, with a basketful of delicious, tasty local foods, sit down in the shade of the tall trees along the shoreline and enjoy a picnic in front of a lagoon awash in deep blues and aquamarines.

Islets near the village

The islets near the shores

Île aux Cerfs, Îlot Mangenie

wp_20150915_15_51_18_proYou will most likely wish to visit l’île aux Cerfs, the island with paradisiacal beaches off Trou d’Eau Douce which has earned itself quite a reputation in many parts of the world. Only a few minutes’ walk from La Petite Villa is the jetty from which the taxi boats set out to the island for an unforgettable day. You may also choose other sea excursions to nearby islands, like îlot Mangenie, an ideal spot for picnics. Talk to your host about it and he will make it his pleasure to arrange private boat trips, with lunch and drinks, for you!

East Coast

Exploring the east coast

Coastal tours

wp_20150912_17_43_35_proFrom La Petite Villa travel north towards Centre de Flacq, the biggest village in the area or else head south towards Mahebourg, The big slave market during the French colonization era, now a highly touristic neighbourhood while still keeping much of its historical identity. But, whatever decision you make, you will be travelling along one of the most picturesque coastal roads of the island, and the magical views that it proposes to the eye, whether inland towards the mountains or towards the horizon, out over the ocean, will leave you absolutely speechless. And, on the way to Mahebourg, you will have the opportunity to visit some vestiges of the Dutch occupation of the island, namely the Fort Frederyk Hendrik, the Tour Hollandaise or the Old Cemetery. The first landing site of the Dutch on the island is also worth a visit.

Those are some suggestions of excursions or tours you may consider from La Petite Villa and that your host will most agreeably arrange for you. And, of course, Mauritius has many other places of interest, and often of extraordinary scenic beauty, that you have to see before flying back home.

Holiday plans

Holiday plans

beach-1613730So, liaise with your host for an ideal holiday plan that will make you escape to an exotic world of breathtaking possibility. You may wish to indulge in high seas fishing or, more peacefully, or in angling inside the lagoon, for example.

Or you may want to go on a tour of the main towns of the island and to the other touristic places you may have heard of. In spite of being a rather small island, Mauritius does not lack in picturesque landscapes which can but dazzle and delight you. The northern and western coastlines, with beautiful, bright white beaches, Port Louis the capital city and its market filled with oriental scents, the Botanical Gardens of Pamplemousses created in the 18th century by Pierre Poivre, a French botanist, where you can find some rare plant species, Chamarel and its seven-coloured earth, Casela the wild animal park where you can walk with lions, tigers, among other and many more other places to see, so that at the end of the day, your stay will captivate your heart with unforgettable souvenirs.

Food & Life



Mauritius is a little world of spices 

spice-1631562Food is excellent in Mauritius. The cuisine features European, Oriental and Creole dishes. You can explore any of the two restaurants of the village of Trou d’Eau Douce.

But you may also choose to do your own cooking. As aforementioned, La Petite Villa has a well equipped kitchen. You may be able to buy fresh vegetables at selling points not too far away as well as at supermarkets where you will find a large variety of products from all the five continents. More, if you wish to enjoy a bus trip, and find about the Flacq market, its one of the big open markets, with loads of fresh vegetables and fruits, available on wednesday mornings, and sunday mornings.

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And, finally, when you want home delivery of your meals, just make arrangements with the local restaurants, it will be their pleasure to satisfy your wishes!

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Welcome & shape your dream holiday in Mauritius in the luxury and comfort of La Petite Villa! Should you wish to know more, do not hesitate to contact us and it will be our pleasure to answer all your queries about coming to this little place where adventure and relaxation are equally within reach.